Dezert People 4

Dezert People 4

Length / 64mins

JD films and their creative team are The winners of the 2005 Extremey Award for best off-road video. JD Films and, bring you the fourth release in the Dezert People video series shot primarily in HD. Sit back and hang on as we take you through the 2005 season of desert racing in California, Nevada, Baja, and Australia. Also expect exciting fender to fender action from the CORR short course series.
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Off Road 4WD

Directed by

Curtis Guise

Production company

JD Films

Cinematography by

Klaus Rasch, Curtis Guise


Cameron Steele, Pete Sohren, John Marking, Bob Shepard, Jesse James, Jesse Jones, Robby Gordon, Rob MacCachren, Scott Steinberger,

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