Tip to Tip - Episode 5

Tip to Tip - Episode 5

Length / 12mins

Team boat trips can be a gamble. What if the boys give up an important contest only to spend two weeks motoring around unseasonably flat seas? Will they snap? What if they've never traveled together before? The potential for egginess is certainly there, but, then again, this is a part of the job. These guys get paid to travel the world and meet new people everyday. It's what they're good at. And you couldn't ask for a better contrast than Bam Bam Bacalso, Dunny and Wilko. True to form, they pulled it off in entertaining fashion.There's nothing more painful than being confined to a boat and at the mercy of 'majority rules ' in the land of perfect lefts and rights. But this was the position young Wilko found himself in with natural-footers - and hence, right junkies - Kekoa Bacalso and Ben Dunn. Things got worse for Wilko when just as the crew had given up hope of scoring any perfect surf alone, they stumbled upon a beautiful beast (you'll see that on Friday). He finally got his time in juicy lefts though. And he shined. So you decide who flairs the most in this episode: the rights or lefts? Bintang consumption was starting to sky-rocket and mornings were breaking slow and foggy. Wilko was frothing for some left-hand ramps, and finally Kekoa and Dunny started listening to his pleas. They would move on from the more crowded Mentawaii locales. And then they saw it growling around the bend. Wilko would have to grab rail for just one more day. Quest 1 wasn't going anywhere.
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Production company

Rip Curl International


Series cast : Tom Curren, Dean Brady, Richard "Ricardo" Christie, Steph Gilmore, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton, Tyler Wright, Dillon Perillo, Koa, Davey, Bruno Santos, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and Gabriel.

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