Oney Anwar Chasing the Dream

Oney Anwar Chasing the Dream

Length / 41mins

Chasing the Dream documents the inspiring story of Oney Anwar and his relentless pursuit to create history by becoming Indonesia's most respected surfer. From humble beginnings in the surf-drenched jungles of Lakey Peak to competing and winning comps in the WCT. Oney hails from a small coastal village in rural Sumbawa where his local beach is home to some of Indonesia's best and most challenging waves. Discovered by explorers in the eighties, Lakey Peak has become THE surf destination on the island of Sumbawa. Encouraged and mentored by a team of international surfing superstars, Oney picks up a board at the age of seven and is dominating his local break in no time. At nine, Oney's childhood dream is gaining momentum. Armed only with a surfboard he is tossed into the crazy world of Kuta. Within months of moving to Bali, Oney has become a competitive surfer on the national circuit. But competing is just the first step, in order to continue his unique journey; Oney is going to need a sponsor.With his family's blessing, Oney leaves his Muslim island home for the Gold Coast of Australia in 2007, as part of Rip Curl's International Grommet development program, where things really start to roll for Oney. Mentored by World Champion, Mick Fanning, Oney starts winning major events.Oney is chosen to represent his country and travels to a recently discovered 'river bore wave' in Northern Sumatra to shoot a campaign. Stunning surf footage, mystical Indonesian islands, and a boy with a ton of talent blend seamlessly together in this visually spectacular documentary about Oney Anwar.
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Directed by

Jason Moon

Production company

Made from Stardust


Oney Anwar, Mick Fanning

Known for

Oney Anwar

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What a great story! My son took me to Lakey Peak in 2011 and I recognize quite a few of the Lakey Peak boys. This is one of my favorite places on the planet, the people were so genuine and gracious.
kelly Jan 2015

Oney Anwar is an inspiration, not just to Indos but all surfers. This attitude in Chasing the Dream is very note-worthy. Well done on making this flick...
Am Jan 2015

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