Trail Notes

Trail Notes

Length / 53mins

With a collection of stories capturing the unique lifestyles of passionate mountainbikers from the Southern Hemisphere Mecca of Rotorua New Zealand and the infamous trails of the Whakarewarewa forest. Trail Notes follows four unique individuals and showcases their stories of how mountainbiking captivated their lives and what has drawn them to the sport and intoxicating location of the forest.
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Mountain Bike

Directed by

Nick Stevenson

Production company

Cadre Productions

Cinematography by

Nick Stevenson


Vanessa Quin, Craig Pattle, Dary Sullivan, Red McHale

Known for

New Zealand Trails

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Some beautiful shots, but a bit slow. Saw that u cood buy dvd as well at
Joyce Jul 2013

I agree. slow and a little boring, but well shot
David W Aug 2014

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