Above the Noise

Above the Noise

Length / 22mins

Human's have always had an innate need to grow and push the boundaries in whatever we do. Some of us however more so than others and often at great sacrifice and risk to themselves. Why is this so and what are the forces that are at play that brings about the extraordinary? What are the elements that propel the few to rise above the noise of the pack and stay ahead of the game? In the competitive sport of mountain biking like many other endeavours champions are not born but made. Above the noise is a film about 6 world class mountain bikers each of whom are unique and individual in their quest for extraordinary performance yet unified and fashioned by a hidden spirit, belief and calling to perform beyond the rest. Through these riders we uncover the catalytic elements that need to be evidenced to provide for explosive performance and the fuel that is necessary to sustain it. It is our hope that this film will provide fresh inspiration, insight and wisdom to all competitive mountain bikers across the globe and challenge and confront their reality and thinking of what it really takes to rise Above the Noise.
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Mountain Bike


Sam Hill, Troy Brosnan, Connor Fearon, Chris Kovarik, Angus Madern, and David Mcmillan.

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