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I perform hundreds of Mountain Bike Trials Shows every year, and after each show I get people asking me how to do a bunnyhop, or how to hop on the rear wheel, etc. It became clear that I needed to produce a video that answered all these questions. I wanted to share all the hidden secrets behind the art of trials, and prove to riders around the world that becoming a trials rider isn't as difficult as it may look! Not only that, but I wanted these skills to be accessible to the average mountain biker whose trail riding could benefit huge from learning a few of these techniques. Mastering the Art of Trials is a compilation of 38 skills that are demonstrated and described in a clear and concise format. The purpose of this video is to help make your learning curve as efficient and complete as possible. With this video, and a bit of practice, you'll be on your way to Mastering the Art of Trials.
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Mountain Bike

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Ryan Leech

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