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Break the Cycle is a documentary about Downhill Mountain Biking in Ireland. Most of the best downhill riders lives revolve around their bikes their friends, their family, even their jobs. Break the Cycle aims to get an insight into the lives of those top Irish mountain bike riders, to show their individuality. Shooting them at the places they ride, train, work and live while showing off the amazing landscapes on the Island of Ireland. Its looks into how these riders have used their bikes to break the cycle of everyday life. Break the Cycle film includes profiles from nine of the best Irish Downhill Mountain Bike riders. They each have their own unique lives, and different views, but they all have one thing in common their love for bikes. From the full time pros, to the medical graduates, air conditioning engineers, apprentice joiners, and personal fitness instructors, their passion for downhill mountain biking has united them all. Riders include current Irish Downhill Champion Ben Reid, Redbull Rampage and Masters World Champion podium rider Glyn OBrien, Womens Masters World Championships silver medalist Meave Baxter, former Irish Champion Colin Ross, Irish team members Dan and Gerard Wolfe, 021 Racing riders Tom Power and Greg OKeefe, and up and coming riders Jamie McCullough, and Ewan Doherty. Break the cycle is not only a place for the best mountain bike talent in Ireland
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Ben Reid, Glyn OBrien, Meave Baxter, Colin Ross, Dan and Gerard Wolfe, Tom Power, Greg OKeefe, Jamie McCullough, and Ewan Doherty

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