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"The all-new mountainbike how-to video from the creators of the unparalleled Earthed video and world-renowned Dirt magazine. Filmed all around the world, this video features inside info and unveils the secrets behind how the pros ride so fast on some of the best tracks and terrain on the mountainbike scene. We cover cornering, jumping, downhill sections, pedalling, manualling, riding technical sections, slow sections, fast sections, with basic advice and expert advice with tips from the fastest riders on the planet including Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minnaar and Eric Carter among many others. This video will also show you how to set up your bike to squeeze the best out of it, from suspension tune up to tyre choice, to brakes, gears, correct sizing, and more, for racing or just riding trails - all with the finest mountainbike mechanics out there. Backed up with a killer soundtrack and footage from international races and the trails, this video is for all mountainbike riders from beginner to pro. You will learn how to set up your bike perfectly and hone your riding skills to a fine art. "
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Byran Schwith, Mark Beaumont, Brayan Atkinson, Clive Gosling, Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minnaar and Eric Carter

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