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FBM road trip. The FBM team are no strangers to d.i.y. style BMX road trips. Steve Crandall and company pack up the Slam Van and hit the open road on a low budget road trip throughout the Northeast. Tom Blythe, Joel Barnett, Kenny Horton, and the Ginch Bros live the BMX dream by sleeping on floors and eating dinners consisting of uncooked Ramen noodles and PB-n-J. They also ride everything that gets in their way, including abandoned pools in Albany, concrete parks in Mass, dialed trails in Rhode Island, and back alleys in Boston. This road trip is a blueprint for fun times on the BMX.The Worlds. Cologne Germany plays host to the return of the World Championships. Nobody knows how to throw a party (or a contest) like the Germans. Hordes of riders from all over the world travel to Europe to battle it out on the dirt, flat, mini, and vert ramps. Step outside your boarders to see what's happening in the Global BMX community.Jake Seeley bio. Jake Seeley gets a lot of press on the internet .and for good reason, he rips!!! Jake takes a keen eye for unusual setups and mixes it with technical precision to give you some truly original riding. Warm up the message boards, this edit is sure to have the kids talking.Dan Foley bio. Dan Foley is the newest addition to the Premium team and once you see his bio, you'll know just why. Dan goes to school in Greenville, North Carolina, but it seems that he's teaching the bmx world a thing or two about style. Dan takes to the ramps and streets of the East Coast with what appears to be minimal effort. You can't learn this stuff kids, you either have it or you don't. Darryl Nau day in the life. Where in the world do i start with this guy? If you're not lucky enough to know who Darryl Nau is, then you are truly missing out on one of the most unique individuals BMX has ever seen. Weather it be making classic videos like Seek and Destroy, doing his clothing company Blacken, or just being one of the most positive and inspirational people i have ever met, it's practically impossible to not love Darryl Nau and all that he's given to BMX over the years. Spend a day in the life with Darryl in Brooklyn, NY. and learn that BMX isn't just about how many tailwhips you can do.
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Tom Blythe, Joel Barnett, Kenny Horton, Ginch Bros, Jake Seeley, Dan Foley, Darryl Nau.

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