Props Best Of 2006

Props Best Of 2006

Length / 46mins

Included on this release is the absolute best footage accumulated through 2006. You'll get the biggest tricks, the funniest moments, the best antics, the worst crashes, all in one title. Features Events: 1664 Street Justice Contest, Animal Tiseo Jam, Backyard Jam, Berlin Rebel Jam, Bone Death, Empire So Sick Man Jam, Hoffman CFB Contest, Los Angeles Scene Report, Ratty Bike Fest, Toronto Metro Jam and many more.
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Adam Banton, Jim Bauer, Shawn Burns, Tony Cardona, Allan Cooke, Scotty Cramer, Edwin Delarosa, Chris Doyle, Eben Fischer, Luke Fink, Ryan Guettlier, Josh Harrington, Chase Hawk, Tony Hamlin, Matt Hoffman, Van Homan, Brian Kachinsky, Seth Kimbrough, and much much more.

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