Length / 37mins

Six BMX Teams from across the globe descend on California and Nevada for a week of debauchery. While most of the Teams scope big for new street spots, parks and trails, only one ends up in the hole twenty grand...and it ain't from gambling in Vegas...
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Jamie Cameron, Eben Fischer, Carlo Griggs, Paul Jefferies, Shaun Jinks, Northern John, Mike Seawood, Daniel Serra, Gav Shortall, Dave Sowerby, Billy Ashby, Jesse Bower, Fids, Derek Gabbert, Derek Girard, Tony Homlin, Ryan Metro, Ian Morris, Mike Tag, Leland Thurman, Cameron Wood, Jeremy Hrabel, Matt Morren, Aaron Ross, Dylan Smith, Ryan Smith, Carlos Tarnez, Rusty Tayler, Diogo Cantina, Scotty Cranmer, Brad Gethard, John Jennings, Seth Kimbrough, Dan Reid, Joe Riley, Mike Skolnik, Jon Demers, Eben Fischer, Keith Gratton, Ariel Greer, Cory Jarmon, Chris Meyers, Thomas Stellwag, Zack Warden, Chester Blacksmith, Zac Costa, Kurtis Elwell, Sequoyah Faulk, Nick Hammer, Aaron Huff, Robert Jensen, Shad Johnson, Mike Krancich, Kevin Maila, Matt Martin, Andy Merrell, Adam Sanchez, Matt Sager, Dave Thom, Eric Walter

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