Over the Bars With Lars

Over the Bars With Lars

Length / 47mins

DH Productions collection of knuckleheads have been accused of being OTB for years and now here is the proof. The crew has dug deep into our archive, sifted through over a decades worth of footage and pulled out the sickest crash clips we could find. If you are a true DH Productions fan, then you may have scene this all before, but if you are new to our stable or too lazy to go back through all 21 of our mountain bike titles, then weve done you a huge favor. Sit back as East Coast downhill legend, Lars Tribus and his friends take you through the all of hardcore action that is filled with the broken bikes, bones and blood that have made us famous. Finally all of the carnage is on one film for your twisted enjoyment.
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Directed by

Lars Tribus

Production company

DH Productions


Lars Tribus and his friends

Known for

MTB Carnage

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