KRANKED 8 - Revolve

KRANKED 8 - Revolve

Length / 47mins

A HD exploration of the inter-relationship between the ride and the rider. Twelve talented yet diverse professional riders reveal why, how and what motivates them to pilot their ultimate adrenaline tools, their mountain bikes. Kranked 8 Revolve will inspire you
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Mountain Bike

Directed by

Bjorn Enga

Produced by

Bjorn Enga

Production company

Radical Films

Cinematography by

Bjorn Enga


Jamie Goldman, Lance McDermott, Sam Pilgram, Steve Romaniuk, James Doerfling, Rene Wildhaber, Garett Buehler, Mike Kinrade, Bobby Mcmullen, Sam Hill, Brendan Fairclough & the Coastal Crew !

Known for

The Kranked MTB series

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