Bootleg Sessions 4

Bootleg Sessions 4

Length / 29mins

It has come down to this, the fourth and final installment in the Bootleg Sessions series. And as much as the riding, the bikes, and the entire fixed gear lifestyle have evolved since the beginning of our project, it's still all about just one simple thing... having fun. Ride/relax.
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Fixed Gear Bikes

Production company

Ride Relax Productions


Tom, Wilis, Burd, Keo, Dustin, Tony, Shawn, John, Matt, Josh, Shigeo, Jason, Mosher, Justin, Ben, Julie, Daisuke, Kai, Kyoichi, Yasunari, Sam M, Ted, Kyle, Tyler, Jake, Dre, Jeff, Mike C, Chris, Jeremiah, Sam A., Allender, Ryan, Tanner, Lindsey, Mike S., Zach.

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