Follow Me

Follow Me

Length / 44mins

The filmmakers who brought you the Roam, The Collective and Seasons present a new mountain bike film, Follow Me. Shot in HD, Follow Me takes the viewer inside the action, capturing the unique perspectives and imagery the Anthill Films crew is famous for. Follow Me gets back to basics and reminds us why we all love to ride bikes. Breaking from the traditional format of single rider segments, the film documents what happens when the world's best downhillers, freeriders and slopestylers ride together on some of the best trails on the planet. Follow Me is a portrait of modern mountain bike lifestyle and culture, think back-yard sessions, ripping local trails, training bike parks, epic road trips and heli drops, it's all about having fun your bike. Follow Me will change the way you see mountain bike films and get you stoked to get off the couch and ride!
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Directed by

Darcy Wittenburg; Jonathan Schramm; Darren McCullough; Colin Jones; Ian Dunn

Production company

Anthill Films


Sam Hill, Gee Atherton, Darren Berreclough, Ben Boyko, Brendan Fairclough, Geoff Gulevich, Matt Hunter, Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Kurt Sorge, Thomas Vanderham

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awesome movie, real from the riders point of view
Rami Jul 2015

awesome movie, real from the riders point of view
Rami Jul 2015

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