Lines of Lofoten

Lines of Lofoten

Length / 28mins

Antimedia and Nord Productions gathered norways best freeriders, DH riders, Norwegian BMX freestyle champ, and belgiums top DH rider Nico Vink. First off the riders and the crew spent 3 weeks building one dirt line, and one freeride line, and then the complete film crew from Antimedia arrived for a week of shooting.
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Directed by

Trond G Hansen, Niels Windfeldt

Produced by

Andreas Braaten, Vegeir Selboe

Production company

Antimedia and Nord Productions

Cinematography by

Andreas Johannesen, Niels Windfeldt, Trond G Hansen, Andreas Braaten, Daniell P. Ashby


Adrian Tell, Nico Vink, Mads "Makken" Haugen, Sindre Harbak, Kristoffer Haugland, Niclas Andersen

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