Line of Sight

Line of Sight

Length / 66mins

Brunelle’s influence on the bike movement has been global, inspiring people all over the world to ride. Line of Sight focuses on 10 years of footage of the world’s fastest riders in exotic places and cities, the result is the ultimate documentary on street racing — and a world tour of the urban jungles of New York City to the real jungles of Central America, from the narrow maze of London streets to the Great Wall of China. LINE OF SIGHT is the inside story of underground bike racing – a rare view into the riding of some of the best urban athletes in a sport that has become a global phenomenon. The “edge of your seat” footage, all filmed by the simultaneously adored and controversial Lucas Brunelle, will leave the audience astonished. LINE OF SIGHT presents a view of urban landscapes that never existed before Brunelle put on his self-made helmet cam and followed these bold racers, including shots from places between cars and trucks that we never knew existed. The core of these racers are bicycle messengers, who use their intimate local knowledge and vehicle-dodging expertise to set an exhilarating pace.
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Directed by

Benny Zenga

Produced by

Benny Zenga

Production company

Lucas Brunelle Productions

Cinematography by

Lucas Brunelle


Lucas Brunelle

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This film is insane!
Peter Oct 2015

Love this flik. I'm not a bike junkie, but I want to be after every time I watch it.
Patrick Feb 2016

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