Stars and Bars

Stars and Bars

Length / 72mins

Allout productions travels across the U.S.A. this year to bring you "Stars & Bars", the only film covering the entire 2007 US race season, from the Seaotter to Snowmass. With rider sections featuring Cole Bangert (national DH champion), Luke Strobel, Cody Warren, Ryan Condrashoff, and National Jr. champ JD Swanguen, the flick focuses on the American gravity race scene, creatively capturing the intensity & determination of the country's best. The only video that documents the entire 2007 American gravity race circuit!
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Mountain Bike

Production company

Allout productions


Cole Bangert, Luke Strobel, Cody Warren, JD Swanguen, Ryan Condrashoff and more.

Known for

2007 Mountain Bike Race Season

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