Mountain Bike Out of the Box Iran

Mountain Bike Out of the Box Iran

Length / 52mins

Shot in northern Iran, Mountain Bike Out of The Box IRAN is a mountain bike film about an exciting road trip with some extraordinary protagonists. We visit Hossein Zanjanian, Iran's best downhill rider in the mega-city of Tehran and accompany him and his friends to some of the best mountain bike locations in Iran. You will see insane bike action in the crowded streets of Tehran, dry high-speed trails in the west near Qazvin and lush green jungles and the sole permanent DH track in the north near Behshahr. Not to forget sheep brain with cinnamon! At the end there's an official downhill race – hosted by the cycling federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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Directed by

Gregor Mahringer

Production company

Uprising Productions

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