Severe Kart Racing

Severe Kart Racing

Length / 41mins

Severe Racing Films , located in Los Angeles, have recently completed their New Kart Racing Movie titled "Severe Kart Racing". 18 months of filming at some of the best events in karting, Severe Racing has created a dynamic compilation of action packed races. Having visited a ton of major racing events, Severe Racing is able to bring you the best from: Stars of Karting, The Supernationals, I.K.F., Pro-Kart Challenge and more... There are great interviews with Karting Stars, Gary Carlton, Jason Bowles, Alex Speed and a host of other VIP'S. Get ready for some great sequences of oval racing, night racing and even racing in the sleet and snow. All of this makes for some awesome viewing, especially for kart racing enthusiasts worldwide. The film is set to a cool soundtrack with interviews interspersed within. The intense action in the movie, puts the viewer right there in the drivers seat of the fastest karts ever.
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Directed by

Scott A. Tugel

Production company

Severe Racing

Cinematography by

Scott A Tugel


Gary Carlton, Jason Bowles, Alex Speed

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