Severe Offroad 4

Severe Offroad 4

Length / 42mins

Severe Racing is proud to present their 4th installment into the Severe Offroad Series. These guys know how to get it done. With over a year and a half of filming and editing, Cinematographer and Producer, Scott A. Tugel brings you some of the most radical, in your face, offroad racing action from the most popular events. Severe Offroad 4 features Trophy Trucks, Worcs Series Moto, Baja, Bikes, Buggies, Quads and a lot more for your enjoyment.
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Off Road 4WD

Directed by

Scott A. Tugel

Production company

Severe Racing

Cinematography by

Scott A Tugel


Cameron Steele, Kurt Caselli, Andy McMillin and a host of other Superstars of racing.

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