Mind of the Demon (MA15+)

Mind of the Demon (MA15+)

Length / 61mins

Mind of the Demon: the Larry Linkogle Story is a dark, analytical look into the psyche of one of the most brilliantly talented, yet aggressively self-destructive minds of our generation. Larry Linkogle is a world-record holding dirt bike legend and a man battling his inner demons as he struggles to maintain structure, sobriety and self-control. Incredible archival footage, colorful characters and interviews with the industry's top names rebuild the thrilling story of the birth of freestyle motocross. Past and present story lines intertwine to drive the film toward one of only two possible conclusions: a nose dive straight into a black hole or one of the best comeback stories of all time
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Directed by

Adam Barker

Production company

Heather Santora

Cinematography by

Adam Barker, Royce Allen Dudley


Christian Fletcher, Trigger Gumm, Larry Linkogle, Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana.

Known for

Larry Linkogle

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OMG. Larry Linkogle was the man, but what a life. he really is the mind of the demon
Kelly Mar 2013

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