Length / 43mins

Motocross stars Mike Metzger and Seth Enslow are among the many riders featured in this homage to their favorite sport. The stunts, tricks, and skits these riders perform take place in Florida, California, Nevada, and Brazil. Many of the rides include the types of jumps and other maneuvers that continue to excite motocross fans all over the world.
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Directed by

Jon Freeman

Production company

Fleshwound Films

Cinematography by

Jon Freeman, Dana Nicholson.


Micky Dymond, Seth Enslow, Travis Pastrana, Jeff Emig, Ryan Hughes, Brian Deegan, Grayson Goodman, Carey Hart, Denny Stephenson, Jeff Matiasevich, Mike Metzger, Larry Linkogle, Phil Lawrence, Anthony Pocorobba, Joel Albrecht, Ricky Carmichael, Dave Castillo, Mike Healy, Rusty Setser, Casey Johnson, Bubba, Greg Nevolo, Jiri Dostal, Steve Abbott, Damian Sanders, Tommy Butler, Danny Ham, Les Engle, Randy Lawrence, Sten Rasmussen, Dana Nicholson, Shaun Palmer, Corey Call

Known for

The Onslaught of Travis Pastrana

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