Length / 49mins

Includes all the sick MX stunts that made you love the Crusty series, and more. Watch Mike Metzger, Greg Nevolo, Seth Enslow and others perform death defying stunts in far away exotic locations. Just imagine traveling around the world with your dirt bike; dropping inside a sacred volcano in New Zealand, trail riding through the ancient heads of Easter Island, dune jumping 200+ feet on the Chilean coast and launching a snowmobile off a 100 foot cliff. Blend all that with insane crashes, backflips, ridiculous stunts and you will have experienced the Eighth Dimension!
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Directed by

Jon Freeman

Production company

Fleshwound Films

Cinematography by

Jon Freeman, Dana Nicholson.


Seth Enslow, Ronnie Faisst, Mike Cinqmars, Luke Urek, Mike Jones, Mike Metzger, B J Murray, Jeremy Stenberg, Rudy Waller, Kenny Yoho, Brian Deegan, Drake McElroy, Pastor, Carey Hart, Dayne Kinnaird, Bartram, Clowers, Nate Avams, Ox, Travis Pastrana, Jason Thorne, Gustin, Ronnie Renner, Larry Linkogle, Bubba

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