Where Cars Dont Dare

Where Cars Dont Dare

Length / 67mins

Where Cars Don't Dare treks with Southern California based AdMo Tours on a remarkable journey across the Mojave Desert by dirt bike. Serious dirt bikers, Sunday riders and tourists from Europe, New Jersey and all points east have their courage tested against sand dunes, dry lake beds, salt basins, snow and mountains as they trek from Tinsel Town to Sin City without ever touching asphalt. You may think you've ridden it all, but you haven't really hit the dirt until you've biked the Gold Rush Trail with AdMo. Narrated by Let's Ride's Erik Lundmark and world traveler, raconteur and AdMo owner Uwe Diemer, Where Cars Don't Dare delivers the gold and more.
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Directed by

Erik Lundmark

Production company

Leomark Studios


Erik Lundmark, Uwe Diemer and Soren de la Cruz

Known for

Exploring the Mojave Dezert trails

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