Crusty Demons No Borders Ep 12

Crusty Demons No Borders Ep 12

Length / 23mins

Back tracks and beaten roads in all corners of the globe have made Crusty a household brand in not only the FMX world, but apparel, bikes, film and live entertainment. No Borders back tracks the evolution of Crusty from dune jumping Motocross riders letting off steam to blazing a trail in a new form of professional sport. Featuring 13 episodes packed with interviews and commentary from the creators and a range of their most infamous riders.
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Directed by

Jon Freeman

Production company

Fleshwound Films

Cinematography by

Jon Freeman, Dana Nicholson.


Nate Adams, Adam Jones, Jim Mcneil, Jon Guetter, Nikki Danielson, Bubba, Bilko, Steve Mini, Matt Schubring, Cam Sinclair, Joel Balchin, Kain Saulusty, Brent Brady, Ben Fiez,

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