Twitch Hoodrich

Twitch Hoodrich

Length / 57mins

Get an inside look at the life of FMX rider Jeremy Twitch Stenberg. As you travel with Jeremy, you'll gain a deeper understanding of his truly inspirational story. As a child he was diagnosed with Turrets Syndrome, placed in special education classes, given medication that made him tired and lethargic, and was outcast by his peers. Through his love for riding motorbikes he found refuge from the kids in the classroom and at age 15 found a home with a group of fellow outcasts: the Metal Mulisha. In his early days with the Mulisha he was primarily known for his partying lifestyle, although he was among the groups most talented riders. As the partying began to overshadow his riding, Jeremy became increasingly unreliable and his behavior unacceptable. Soon many sponsors and events responded to his reputation by blacklisting him. With no real income, a new child, and the looming threat of losing any rights to see his child, Jeremy came to a crossroad in his life and chose to turn things around. Jeremy met his wife, Susan, and she helped him to regain focus on his goals and realize his potential. He then dedicated himself to his riding. With a cleaned up act, Twitch placed in the top 3 in all major contests in 2005.
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Directed by

Brian Alexander


Brian Deegan, Seth Enslow , Ronnie Faisst, Carey Hart, Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg.

Known for

Jeremey Twitch Stenberg

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