Tomorrow will be better

Tomorrow will be better

Length / 75mins

Czech rider Libor Podmol arrives in the USA to buy a motorbike from one of the biggest names in freestyle motorcross... the battle for FMX World Champion is on. This attractive sport full of dangerous jumps and stunts has captivated fans and sponsors around the world. After a bumpy career start, Libor Podmol has gradually established himself as one of the best FMX riders in the world. As the first-ever European rider, he signed a sponsorship deal with Rockstar. Now at 26, he is trying to grab the most coveted trophy and become the world champion. The film follows Libor’s fascinating journey and his world in which dreams come true even as they defy the laws of gravity.
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Directed by

Martin Privratsky

Produced by

Libor Podmol, Martin Privratsky

Production company

TWBB Film Production

Cinematography by

Martin Privratsky


Rob Adelberg, Fredrik Johansson, Petr Kuchar, Andreu Lacondeguy, James Robert McNeal, Mike Metzger, Lucas Mirtl, Jason Moriarty, Pancho, Libor Podmol.

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