Smashes, Crashes and Bashes

Smashes, Crashes and Bashes

Length / 43mins

It's another all action episode of Crash. Thirty minutes worth of not just crash, but smash and bash as well -- be it on four wheels or two. Pedal power or turbo power, off road and on it there's plenty coming your way! The Stone Brothers return to form one more time with this epic film showcasing the brutal down side of this new and exciting sport.ompiled over a five year period of time this film showcases outtakes from the groundbreaking films "12:00", "Urban Street Bike Warriors" and "Black Sheep Squadron". Strap yourself in as we take off thru the Asphalt jungle one more time in Smashes, Crashes and Bashes.
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Stone Films

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too funny. not sure who is dumbest.
jeff Mar 2013

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