Severe Offroad - Best of

Severe Offroad - Best of

Length / 60mins

The Best of Severe Off-Road is a gritty thrill ride into the sport of Off-Road Racing. Severe Racing Films sums up the best sequences from their collection of past offroad films. Severe Racing has previously released 4 Off Road Movies and this is the best from Scott A. Tugel, the Producer/Director/Cinematographer. Severe Racing has captured this sport beautifully. This film is an intense thrill ride into the sport of Off-Road Racing, filmed at spectacular races all over the Western U.S. and Mexico.
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Off Road 4WD

Directed by

Scott A. Tugel

Production company

Severe Racing

Cinematography by

Scott A Tugel


Cameron Steele, Kurt Caselli, Andy McMillin and a host of other Superstars of racing.

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