The Windsurfing Movie II

The Windsurfing Movie II

Length / 61mins

There are countless windsurfing films, none better than the classic the windsurfing movie, which won Best Director Award at the 2007 X-Dance film festival. Director John Decesare and underwater cameraman Jace Panebianco spent the next three years concocting a sequel. The Windsurfing Movie II takes the history of the sport into the next generation. Filmed in top spots such as Mauii, Cape Verde and Mexico, it shows legends, Jason Polakow and Robby Naish, as well as hot shots, Kai Lenny, just 16, in action. But The Windsurfing Movie II is more than a windsurfing documentary. The film combines amazing images with a fantastic sound track to focus on the essence of why millions of people are fascinated with this sport.
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Directed by

John Decesare

Production company

Red Bull Media House


Jason Polakow, Robby Naish, and Kai Lenny

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