The Last Great Climb

The Last Great Climb

Length / 60mins

The 2013 film from Alastair Lee is an epic to end all mountain epics set in the stunning mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. The feature documentary follows top adventure climber Leo Houlding with his tried and tested team of Jason Pickles and Sean Stanley Leary as they attempt to make the first ascent of the NE ridge of the master piece of the range the majestic Ulvetanna Peak 2931m. One of the most technically demanding climbs in one of the worlds harshest environments.
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Directed by

Alastair Lee

Production company

Posing Productions

Cinematography by

Alastair Lee


Leo Houlding, Jason Pickles, Sean Stanley Leary, Sir Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, Conrad Anker as well as Norwegian climbers Ivar Tolleffsen & Robert Caspersen

Known for

The stunning mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

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its not really the last great climb, but the film is with out a doubt something worth it. i will watch again.
Carsten Jan 2015

another great one!!!!
ron Mar 2015

Really is the last great climb! Great film
Ben Jan 2017

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