Tamur: The Jewel of Kanchenjunga

Tamur: The Jewel of Kanchenjunga

Length / 50mins

A trip to the heart of Nepal is more than just an adventure. It means going back in time to one of the most beautiful and authentic countries in Asia. Four days walking amidst valleys and the Himalayas took us to our starting point. In Dooban, we began a six-day descent on the white-water Tamur river, the jewel of the Kachenjunga. Achuut and Txus led an expedition that brought some incredible excitement and emotion on the river, symbol of life in Nepal and a direct contact with its people.
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Directed by

Carlos Iglesias

Production company



Jorge Laustalet, Paqui Molina, Cesar García de Vicuña, Jon Viana "Trontxo", Beatriz Carrilero, Thania Fabo, Irkus Bidaurratzaga, Alain Zuazo, Jaime Gonzalez Rivas "Jim"

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