Next Stop Greenland

Next Stop Greenland

Length / 28mins

This thirty minute documentary tells the story of seven of the best sportsmen in Spain. Their names speak for themselves, Alex Txikon, Ãlvaro BultÃ, Iñaki Ituarte, Dario Barrio, Toni LÃpez, Santi Corella and Armando del Rey. Next Stop: Greenland is a very unusual adventure, in which two totally different sporting disciplines join together with the same objective, to climb and jump the emblematic Greenland mountain Ulamertorsuaq. In this way climbing and BASE jumping are united in this documentary which has as its central theme the human side of these sportsmen.
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Climbing, Wingsuiting

Directed by

Lara Izagirre

Production company

Lara Izagirre


Alex Txikon, Álvaro Bultó, Iñaki Ituarte, Dario Barrio, Toni López, Santi Corella, Armando del Rey

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