Dream Result

Dream Result

Length / 28mins

Dream Result is an expression of the essence of white water kayaking through the story of a group of friends who have undertaken a journey to explore the limits of possibility. The film includes the World Record Waterfall Descent of the 186 ft tall Palouse Falls, expeditions into the wilderness of Northern Canada, jaw-dropping freestyle on flooded rivers of Quebec and a quest for waterfalls though out Chile and Scandinavia. Driven through the passions of seven of the sports top athletes and lifelong colleagues, they experience a year in the life of chasing their Dream Result. Watch World Champion and the Two Time World Record Holder Rush Sturges and Tyler Brandt team up in this incredibly daring film.
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Directed by

Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt

Produced by

Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt

Production company



Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt, Evan Garcia, Ian Garcia, Steve Fisher, Lane Jacobs, Patrick Camblin, Ben Marr, Ben Brown

Known for

Peoples Choice Award Radical Reels @ Banff

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