Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do

Length / 65mins

This collection of four films features world class climbing from the UK, Canada and Madagascar. Slate Monkeys; Matt Segal, Hazel Findlay and Johnny Dawes take it in turn to crimp, palm, squirm and wriggle their way up the esoteric route, Gin Palace. But whose technique will prove successful? Single-Handed; Kevin Shields is known as the ‘one handed climber’. Despite being born with most of his left hand missing Kevin has shocked the climbing world with some daring and inspirational ascents. Little Big-Walling in Madagascar; The West Face of Karimbony in the Tsaranoro Massif is home to one of the world’s hardest big-wall free climbs, “Tough Enough?”. James McHaffie and a team of top UK climbers head to Madagascar to find out if this route is indeed tough enough. Hey Presto; World class climber Sonnie Trotter teams up with world class belayer Cory Richards to take on the Squamish classic, ‘Presto’.
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Directed by

Paul Diffley

Produced by

Paul Diffley

Production company

Hot Aches Productions


Matt Segal, Hazel Findlay, Johnny Dawes, Kevin Shields, James McHaffie, Sonnie Trotter, Cory Richards

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