Committed Vol 1

Committed Vol 1

Length / 78mins

A year at the cutting edge of hardcore trad climbing. Featuring Britain’s best rock climbers, plus top overseas visitors, Committed packs in over 200 ‘E’ points of action: The hardest and most dangerous ascents that have been grabbing the climbing headlines across the world. It examines the diversity of climbing style and locations that together, make the British Trad scene unique and respected around the world.
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Directed by

Paul Diffley & Dave Brown

Produced by

Dave Brown

Production company

Hot Aches Productions

Cinematography by

Paul Diffley & Dave Brown


Adam Long, Alan Cassidy, Ben Cossey, Dan McManus, Dave MacLeod, James Pearson, John Dunne, Johnny Dawes, Jude Spancken, Katherine Schirrmacher, Kev Shields, Neil Mawson, Niall McNair, Nick Dixon & Sonnie Trotter

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