Empire: The Whitewater Story

Empire: The Whitewater Story

Length / 90mins

Empire is a story following a year of paddling in New York State. It showcases some of the finest whitewater New York has to offer, while presenting our journey as we explore the hidden rivers of New York. This film tells the story of a group of people who use these waterways as a vehicle to find the things that we all search for in life…
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Directed by

Daniel C. Doran

Produced by

John Varga & Brian Page

Production company

Empire Films


Ciaran Brown, Brian Page, Daniel Doran, Paul Twist, Chris LaFlair, Adam Horton, Andre Hongatch, Jim Dobbins, Mike LaFlair, Tony Gianfagna, Phil LaMarche, Scott Martin, Dan Simenc, Tyler Allyn

Known for

Official Selection of the New Hope Film Festival 2012, and Winner of the New Hope Film Festival Artistic Spirit Award 2012

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