Ride Along - ep 1

Ride Along - ep 1

Length / 14mins

Featuring pro Kitesurfer Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen, Ride Along is the new generation TV show broadcasting worldwide. Using Kiteboarding as a tool to discover the most exotic countries and cultures in the world, both riders will transport you in a quest for stunning landscapes. Shot entirely in full HD, the quality of the images transports you with them to each of the place they visit. Meeting interesting people, Surfing the most famous waves, kiteboarding along the wind, living the dream life all year and chasing new sensations is their everyday routine. The show will bring you along their journey around the globe, sharing their experiences with a mix of stunning images and bewitching sound tracks carefully selected between thousands of upcoming artists. Sit down, relax and let the travel begin.
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Production company

Jeremy Tronet


Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen

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