Che Shale Kitesurf Masters

Che Shale Kitesurf Masters

Length / 15mins

The best Kitesurfers of Kenya gather to compete at the annual Che Shale kitesurf Masters competition, hosted at the exclusive Che Shale beach hideaway on the edges of the Indian ocean. “Kitesurfing is so visual, exciting to watch and very attractive” – Steph Bridge, 3-time KiteRacing World Champion.
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Directed by

Katrin Ender

Produced by

Katrin Ender

Production company

Katrin Ender Productions

Cinematography by

Katrin Ender


Xan Woods, Oliver Niklin, Dorothy Serrano, William Dyer, Emily Belcher, Isabelle Norris, Angus Melesi, Jamie Nicholas, Max Forcati, Marco Rollock, Chiara Parazzi & Johnathan Rollock

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