A Canadian Dream

A Canadian Dream

Length / 69mins

Benjamin Jordan spends a lot of time with his head in the clouds, literally and metaphorically. He’s a dreamer who gets things done. So having dreamt of flying all the way across Canada on a powered paraglider, he went ahead and did it. Between Tofino, British Columbia, and St John’s, Newfoundland, he covered 6,250 miles, crossing nine provinces, three islands and parts of two oceans. Along the way, he raised money to send poor Canadian children to summer camps – the sort where he developed his own love of the great outdoors and built up the self-confidence to take on any challenge.
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Directed by

Manmord Sidhu

Produced by

Manmord Sidhu

Production company

Above & Beyond Society

Cinematography by

Aviishek Shovakar


Preet Cheema, Scot Cooper, Devinder Dillon, Dashmesh Gill, Balinder Johal, Vic Parmar, Bobby Rai , Bhavkhandan Singh Rakhra, Poonam Sandhu, jit Shrivastva Ajit Shrivastva

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