On the Line

On the Line

Length / 52mins

The Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is a proposal by Calgary’s Enbridge Corporation to construct a 1,170 kilometre oil pipeline from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia. The pipeline would cross 773 watercourses and bring supertankers to BC’s pristine North coast for the first time ever in order to deliver Tar Sands bitumen to Asian markets. In the summer, filmmaker Frank Wolf and his friend Todd McGowan biked, hiked, rafted and kayaked the GPS track of the pipeline in order to uncover the truth about the proposal. Through the voices of people they meet along the way, their rough and tumble journey reveals the severe risks and consequences associated with this 5.5 billion dollar mega-project.
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Bike, Kayak, Hiking

Directed by

Frank Wolf

Produced by

Frank Wolf

Production company

Gravywolf Films

Cinematography by

Frank Wolf


Frank Wolf, Todd McGowan

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Loved the doco,,very well done with a powerful message to politicians I hope!!
Tim Apr 2017

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