Footprints on the Ridge

Footprints on the Ridge

Length / 53mins

Tales of the Tatras Peaks. An extreme climbing adventure on the ridge of the Slovakian Tatra Mountains. Western, High, and Belianske Tatras. They are connected by a gorgeous, logical and long ridge line formed by more than 130 peaks and towers. To traverse the entire ridge, alpine style, unsupported, in one single push, was always a big challenge. And still is. Two friends experienced a big adventure climbing this ridge. It is a story about courage and fear, strong will and despair, endurance and pain. It is a story about friendship.
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climbing, mountaineering

Directed by

Pavol Barabas

Production company

K2 Studio


Adam Kadlecik, Michal Sabovcik, Ivan Lehotsky, Frantisek Kele, Ivan Kluvanek & Matous Melich

Known for

Grand Prize New Zealand Mountain Film Festival 2014. Audience Prize Zakopane International Mountain Film Festival 2014.

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