Mondo Sahara

Mondo Sahara

Length / 90mins

Good-time curator Austin Vince’s latest film is an evangelical call to arms to anyone who wants undiluted, 24 carat adventure motorcycling pleasure. His seven-man, Anglo-American team heads south to the sun, riding 5000 miles in a month from London to the heart of the Sahara, almost entirely off-road! Needless to say, they have hardly any gear, money or preparation but still demonstrate that long-distance expedition motorcycling is well within everyone’s grasp. Digging up buried caches of food, fuel and water, this is the film of their adventure. It also serves to show that both Americans and Englishmen can enjoy a warm welcome in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
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Directed by

Austin Vince

Produced by

Austin Vince

Production company

Austin Vince


Austin Vince

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5 stars! Like a tom robbins narrated british gangster film!
garrett Aug 2016

5 stars! a terrifically terrestrial tom robbins inspired audacious adventure "South of the sun"
garrett Aug 2016

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