The Ikkatsu Project - The Augustine Project

The Ikkatsu Project - The Augustine Project

Length / 43mins

The Ikkatsu Project is an organization dedicated to exploration, education and advocacy on environmental issues related to the health of the ocean. Follow two citizen scientists as they travel to a remote region of south-central Alaska to explore the problems associated with plastic marine debris. The members of the Ikkatsu Project (, Ken Campbell and award-winning filmmaker Steve Weileman, are sea-kayakers who use their unique skill set to access areas that are rarely visited, conducting beach debris surveys and collecting water samples that will be used to track the location and amounts of water-borne pollutants. This is a story not only of the stunning natural beauty of Alaska, but also of the journey that two long-time kayakers take on their way to becoming environmental activists.
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Sea Kayak / Environmental

Directed by

Ken Campbel

Production company

Essex Media

Cinematography by

Steve Weileman


Ken Campbell and Steve Weileman

Known for

Ikkatsu Project environmental exploration

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