The Ikkatsu Project - The Roadless Coast

The Ikkatsu Project - The Roadless Coast

Length / 42mins

The Ikkatsu Project is an organization dedicated to exploration, education and advocacy on environmental issues related to the health of the ocean. With the debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami drifting on ocean currents toward the coast of North America ahead of its projected schedule, a small group of skilled sea-kayakers is setting out to document the flotsam as it begins to come ashore along the remote and roadless Washington coast. Between Neah Bay, at the tip of the peninsula, and Ruby Beach, at the southern end of the roadless section, lies approximately 60 miles of pristine Olympic coastline, much of it inaccessible to foot travel. It is here, on secluded pocket beaches surrounded by soaring sea stacks and intricate rock gardens, that the debris will make landfall.
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Sea Kayak / Environmental

Directed by

Ken Campbel

Production company

Essex Media

Cinematography by

Steve Weileman


Ken Campbell and Steve Weileman, Jason Goldstein

Known for

Ikkatsu Project environmental exploration, Japanese Tsunami

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