Big Muddy Moose

Big Muddy Moose

Length / 45mins

Big Muddy Moose – 2400 Miles Down the Missouri on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Scott Mestrezat has wanted to do a long distance, human-powered trip for as long as he can remember. After years of following other people’s journeys he decided to paddle the length of the Missouri River on a Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP). There seemed no better way to travel than by water and no better river to navigate. The dream couldn’t be ignored so in the spring of 2013 he quit his job in the financial district of Chicago, built a wooden paddleboard and headed west to Three Forks, Montana to set out on a journey of a lifetime. Big Muddy Moose will take you along with Scott for 45 minutes as he encounters incredible sights and welcoming people. The 107 day journey down the river was life changing to this 27 year old.
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Directed by

Scott Mestrezat

Produced by

Scott Mestrezat

Production company

Scott Mestrezat

Cinematography by

Scott Mestrezat


Scott Mestrezat

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