Who Owns Water

Who Owns Water

Length / 50mins

"WATER WARS. Let's have a whiskey and I'll tell you something different." It's a conflict once unthinkable in the deep green South. Three states are locked in battle over the diminishing fresh water that saw Atlanta go from a small town to the largest growing city in the US. Who’s in control? It depends on who you talk to. In this stunningly-shot, award-winning documentary film, brothers Michael and David Hanson return to the source of their childhood river and paddle it to the Gulf of Mexico to take you deep into the Water Wars. Everything comes down to one question.
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Adventure, Canoe

Directed by

David & Michael Hanson and Andrew Kornylak

Production company

Fourmile media

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bernie May 2016

cracking flick though a bit short. would be better if they fly fished their way down the water shed!
Ben Jan 2017

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