What The Sea Gives Me

What The Sea Gives Me

Length / 64mins

What The Sea Gives Me is a feature length documentary comprised of intimate and candid interviews with some of the ocean’s most extraordinary ambassadors. We give you an honest and personal look through the eyes of those who thrive under the most extreme water conditions, those ensuring the proper care of the oceans for future generations and those who simply derive a sense of pure joy from the sea.
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Surf and Outdoor

Directed by

Pierce Michael Kavanagh

Produced by

Pierce Michael Kavanagh, Geoffrey Smart

Production company

Misfit Pictures

Cinematography by

Gage Hingeley, Chris Burkard, Mike Chlala, Dylan Gordon, David Homcy, Kellen Keen, Keith Malloy, Jean Paul Molyneux, Andy Quinn, Will Suto, Jeff Taylor.


Andre Barbieri, Matt Beard, Chris Burkard, Dave Homcy, Don King, Nichole Levinson, Ryan Levinson, Dave Marciano, Brett Mcbride, Dr. Walter Munk, Angela Oschmann, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy

Known for

An overall look at the ocean and our interaction with it.

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All i wanted to see was the big ass shark, but no instead it was a bunch of stoner surf hipsters.
Casey Jan 2017

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