People in Motion

People in Motion

Length / 57mins

People in Motion is a film showcasing the potential people have to move through time and space. The film is shot in true slow motion with an original music score composed by Alex Bornstein & edited using a composite technique which illustrates stretches of time in an instant.
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Directed by

Cedric Dahl

Produced by

Cedric Dahl, Ben Hoffman, Franci Agajanian, Alfredo Alvarez, Harvey Berger, Rick Bernal, Roger Bly, Randall Brown, Dee Chen, Justin Chung, Prudence Conley, Paul Darnell, Marv Farmer, Christian Fitzpatrick, Jeff Gelberg, Gary Greco, John T. Mancini, William H. Mitchell, Mark Noah, Bryan Saftler, Tracy Stephens, Jon Stern, Ben Sullins, Alex Ting, Brian Whitecotton, Leilani Whitecotton, Marie Whitecotton

Cinematography by

Edvard Aites, James Cole, Cedric Dahl, Matthew Givot.


Paul Whitecotton , Brian Orosco, David Agajanian, Lonnie Tisdale, Jacob Siel, Cory DeMeyers, Andrew Cavuto, Hensley Heath

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